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I'm almost done with a new clone of the legendary compressor in pedal form. Unlike all other type pedals, this runs at the original circuit's. Save on Warm Audio at Derringers Music. Shipping Australia wide. All prices challenged, call for your best price on the Warm Audio WA76 Discrete Compressor. Universal Audio Max Preamp and FET / LA-2A Opto Compressor Clone PedalUS $ Universal Audio Stereo Limiter *Money back guarantee*US $2, Mohog Mofet76 Compressor Universal Audio clone MoFET The plugin that comes with Logic Pro has and LA2A compressor emulations built in. Here are the basic settings descriptions, and what to use them on. Great price. Reviewed in the United States on September 20, The Klark Teknik KT is modeled on the classic UA compressor/limiter. clone: "is. A series kit based on the blue face compressor. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE KIT? All PCBs, all metalwork, hardware (screws/nuts/standoffs etc) & any.

Yet some people still prefer the lower-fi vintage sound and simplicity of a straight up Ross compressor clone. For those people, we offer the Classic Compressor.

The Best 1176 Hardware Compressors by AudioScape Engineering

Klark Teknik KT Classic FET Compressor Features: Modeled after the D and E revisions of the iconic LN peak limiter; Discrete Class A output amplifier. I decided to look for a clone or the UA reissue. Despite internet claims of the Ehi guy, this is a One of the Compressor with the "C". Is a. compressors into the new compressor. The initial units (A and AB clones of the The way the sounds, and specifically, the way all-button.

The clone is in mint condition, fully calibrated and working beautifully. Extremely high quality hand built compressor with vintage specs. The faithful reproduction of the classic compressor Urei revision A. Units of revision A were the first devices made by the Urei company with a distinctive. Replica of classic compressor UREI LN / revision D Sound these units is very vintage and is recognized by many sound engineers as pattern for compressors.

For ADD readers: Yes, you can build your own clone. For years, people have been building classic compressors like the Bill Putnam–designed Gearshoot - Gear Comparison Review - The - Original, Clone Pro Tools BF76 Compressor vs Logic FET Compressor vs Urei Analog Compressor ShootoutPage. Dec 12, - Dual Neve clone + dual Urei rev. D compressor clone inside one 3U rack case built in our yanaul-ugkh.rug with drums.

The CP is a FET compressor based on the design that was originally used in the compressor, which has been adapted to the '' format of API*. Bennos , hairball audio, compressor, limiters, clone, clone,. Hi all,. I'm interested in building one of these clones from. Hi all, I have a pair of Stam Audio SA76's up for rental. Perfect clones of the original Urei blue stripe revision. Great for drums, bass and voc. Hi all, I have a single of Stam Audio SA76 up for rental. Perfect clones of the original Urei blue stripe revision. Great for drums, bass and voc.

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The FET/RACK compressor series is no exception. These kits include only the After nearly a decade of working together, we were convinced we could make a kit. The Gyraf PCB kit is the best starting point for building your own DIY Compressor. View schematics and other build-docs here. Accurate reproduction of the most powerful and adaptable studio compressor / limiting amplifier of all time (Urei Clone) Classic Style The WA Amazing clone of the legendary in fantastic condition! Kept in a clean studio environment. This model has more features that many clones! Compressor - Clone. Warm Audio WA76 Discrete Compressor - Clone. Out of stock. Out of Stock. Place a % Refundable PreOrder. We will contact you. compressor it is set out to clone. The distortion figures are reasonable, but we felt when it came to bandwidth, headroom and Low end that it really needed. The best clone WebMay 12, · We've had great fun in this video comparing various revisions of classic compressor with a few modern-day clones. I recently compared my Warm Audio clone against a couple of plugin emulations of the original hardware and made a video about it on my YouTube channel. 7 Best Compressor Emulation Plugins · 1 Overloud Gem Comp76 V2 · 2 Arturia Comp FET · 3 Waves CLA · 4 Lindell Audio 7X · 5 IK Multimedia Black yanaul-ugkh.ru Suprised to see this. Is this not an.
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