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Best Gas App Reddit

The upside app is great for the first few uses and occasional grocery store visit, but that's it. Upvote. Also check out Roadtrippers. It does more than just gas prices, but its a nice app to have handy on long trips. GasBuddy. Best app for this. I use Upside, and lately Bing Rewards has been really good for receipts and cash back on gas. Fuel rewards shell once you sign up use your phone number you don't have to use the app at all. And gas they have a good rewards with.

I used it for the two good fill ups Shipt gave that took almost a dollar off per gallon, but otherwise the app seems kind of pointless. Keep in mind getupside will only post prices for stores who are partnered with the app, so it won't show every fuel stations price in the area. Anyone have a good gas app for finding good gas? You can use GasBuddy and filter out gas stations you don't want and set it to premium only. I recommend the GetUpside app (and if you can combine your use of it with a gas station rewards program, even better). The cheaper gas stations. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Anyone have any suggestions on gas savings apps? I have the fuel rewards app with shell but it saves a whopping 5. For example, because I get gas every day I almost always get a free "in App" coffee coupon. Racetrac also has the best fresh ground/brewed. YSK: The app 'Gasbuddy' can help you find cheaper gas in your area by allowing you to check station prices remotely. Automotive. I use the pilot app for 10 cents off per gallon. I also use the Speedway app that currently gives 16 cents off. I signed up for the Chevron app. Use both. Gas buddy to find cheapest gas and upside to then check in if they have any sort of rebate. I generally find GasBuddy to be mostly accurate. I haven't run into many inaccurate prices, only a lack of prices at some places (they expire.

Are there any good gas receipt sites or gas sites in general to save money whenever I refuel? I have seen apps such as GasBuddy, but it does. My area is simple Walmart gas is always the cheapest followed by wawa. Nobody else really comes close. Yes. I love GasBuddy (2 cents off a gallon plus 5/6 more cents off a gallon if there's a promo for Walmart that day in the GB app to. Gas Buddy shows where cheapest gas is and gives discounts. Upvote. You'll get cash back either by scanning your gas receipt and in some places, all you need is to "check-in" and GetUpside will scan your credit. The Chevron app will give you $1 off on your first 3 purchases (fill ups), making it closer to the price of most cheaper gas stations. The. Any good cash back apps for gas besides for Upside? · Cardano · Dogecoin · Algorand · Bitcoin · Litecoin · Basic Attention Token · Bitcoin Cash. Has anyone used these gas station apps? I've seen the apps from Mobil and BP, and I believe Shell has one as well. I've been able to stack what I get in Upside and other Gas apps such as BP and Shell. Using those, I've been able to get at least 5 cents more.

The Upside app is really helpful whenever I don't get gas at Costco. They have occasional bonus rebates per gallon as well. I actually use it. The mobile app (Android) is handy if you are road-tripping and have no idea where or what a good gas price is. Best I ever get with fuel is $/gallon and I have a small car that doesn't need gas too often. Upvote. GasBuddy to budget and save on fuel The iOS compatible app GasBuddy shows the lowest gas prices in an area and is constantly being updated and. This means it detects a new device and you should be good to go! (For long term use, flash an android or you'll eventually be banned) 8. Enjoy.

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